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Barbershop chapter sings from the heart | Youngstown News

Another nice "bread & butter" story, with accompanying video. Remember, mostnewspaper stories today include video mateiral on the website. Be prepared to speak for the camera!

Before Chuck Davis of New Castle joined about a year ago, he said he spent Tuesday nights at a karaoke bar with friends. The baritone, who at 28 is the youngest member, said he’s been singing since kindergarten and has participated in musicals and choruses in school. He said the musical “Anything Goes” introduced him to barbershop style. “It’s really cool,” he said. Once he started rehearsing with Penn-Ohio Singers, he was hooked. “There is something that’s just beautiful when you hit those notes just right,” he said. He said the singing must get the serotonin going because singing makes you feel good. The Slippery Rock University student added that the group also offers something more. “You meet people from all walks of life,” he said. “We come together for a common purpose ... to make music.” via Youngstown News, Barbershop chapter sings from the heart.