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Apply for the 2023 Society Board of Directors

You can make a difference as a Society Board Member

Finding candidates to lead the Barbershop Harmony Society would be simple if the sole criteria were love of barbershop and willingness to serve. We’re fortunate to have a wealth of talent, savvy, and devotion throughout the Society.

The larger challenge is making the process accessible and attractive to all members of the community. This especially applies to people who previously might never have considered themselves qualified for the role, whether from demographics (age, gender, heritage,) previous barbershop experience, or simple lack of connections throughout the barbershop world. For our Board to reflect who we are and who we wish to become, we are intentionally reaching out to be more transparent and welcoming in building the Board that will build our future.

    What does it mean to serve on the Board?

    It’s not sitting in a marbled hall in long robes. Society Board members are active members of their own barbershop communities, and also active participants in discussion about the future of the Society. The focus of the Society Board of Directors is on governance, not on operational management. It provides the vision and sets the goals necessary for the Society’s professional staff to manage the organization to a successful future.

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    Elections were held July 4, 2022. See the results.