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Before It's Too Late: Who Needs to Have an Official Society Interview?

A sensitive topic here, because we don't need to eulogize people who are still with us! But I need to come out and ask this: Who are some of the barbershop icons that we need to talk to and interview now, just in case we never get the chance again?

The Harmonizer has done some interviews and profiles with some well known barbershoppers, such as Jeff Selano’s July 2000 interview with Freddie King and his 2006 interview with Marty Mendro, of 1949 champs The Mid-States Four. I have someone slotted to interview Jim Miller (7-Time gold medal director with Louisville and Southern Gateway), but there are many other barbershoppers who have a lot to share with us before we lose them. Dick Van Dyke will appear on the cover of the next one. There are also some important (but less famous) barbershoppers who may deserve our attention. For example, I arrived in Rexburg, Idaho about a month to late to interview Phil Ricks, featured on the cover of the latest Harmonizer.

So here’s your chance: who are some of the barbershoppers we need to reach in the next two or three years, just in case we never have a chance to talk to them again? And if the rationale isn't blindingly apparent at first glance, could you please share your rationale?

We're losing the great ones too fast, I tell you!