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Chapter and District Responsibilities for Printed Programs

Law, as well as Society best practice, require all Society chapters and other units to follow copyright laws strictly. All printed programs that are distributed at any contest, show, afterglow or other performance sponsored by the Society, District or Chapter shall contain prominent Copyright Notice informing persons attending the event of this policy and of the enforcement provisions provided.

The following is the form of copyright notice approved for use by chapters in programs:

Copyright law strictly limits the use of audio or video recording devices during any performance. No audio or video recording device, whether or not in use, is permitted in the place of performance without prior permission of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Any persons found in possession of any such device will be required to leave immediately, and the tape, film or other recording media will be confiscated and any unauthorized recording erased or destroyed. Our enforcement of the copyright law protects you and us, but most important, it protects the copyright owners who have made our performance possible. Your cooperation and support are appreciated.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the above information, please contact our Chapter Leadership & Education Team at