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Come to Harmony U for the Dining, Stay for the Singing

Belmont University, new home of Harmony University, is located in what some would call a "hip" part of town. Along with Belmont, nearby universities Vanderbilt and David Lipscomb, help create a young, fresh, and unique atmosphere that has helped attract many younger people to this area. Shops, parks and interesting local events keep the area thriving. But let's be honest, we're here to talk about something else...

..Something much more important -- FOOD!

You've all probably wondered - "Am I going to be stuck with the same food everyday and not be able to get off of campus at all?" First of all let's set the record straight, Belmont has some rockin' food. Seriously, it's fresh and delicious and you won't be disappointed. However, if you find yourself needing some fresh Nashville air, Belmont is surrounded by "Top Rated" and "Best of Nashville" food options from Breweries to Barbeque to Nashville's famous "Hot Chicken" that are walking distance from campus. Places like PM, Kalamatas, and Bongo Java are across the street. Literally. Other great places to experience the "Nashville scene" are only a 7 minute walk away.

Incredible Harmony University sessions + Amazing Nashville eats = Harmony University at Belmont

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Nashville's famous "Hot Chicken"

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July 27 - August 4, 2014