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Competing After a 10 Year Hiatus

I was judging at an LOL divisional contest a couple of weeks ago and was fortunate to both score as well as evaluate a chorus that had not competed in about ten years.  These guys were excited to be there for a number of reasons:

1. It gave them a chance to get together with other barbershoppers from the nearby area which supports the formula of:  more barbershoppers in the same place=more fun.  There was tag singing, gang singing, polecats, and while we were all waiting for a riser change one of the choruses in the audience started to singing and eventually the whole crowd was into it.

2. It gave them a chance to see other choruses perform (a wide range of abilities I might add) and see where they "fit in."  They enjoyed this in case you were wondering.  :-)

3.  They worked with three experienced judges and received a full hour of coaching on ways to improve their overall performance abilities as well as some specifics to the individual songs they sang.

4. They won a plateau award!!!

I am not sure what the reason for not competing for 10 years was.  Maybe logistics?  But this event was certainly close enough for them to participate and have a ton of fun.  It seemed to rejuvenate the guys and they will hopefully carry that energy back to their weekly meetings.

I hope that in your chapter's plans for the next few years you plan on participating in a convention/contest.  There is far more to it than "just" singing two songs.