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Contest Entry -- Time to Get Your Act Together

As fall contest season approaches, it's good to start taking care of a few administrative  tasks now, to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Remember these important details:

  1. Your quartet must be an officially registered Society quartet.  If you haven't yet paid for the registration or renewal of your quartet, you'll need to do this before beginning the contest entry process.  Call 800-876-7464 if you require assistance in registering or renewing your quartet
  2. All four (competing) members of the quartet must be current Society members, and their membership must be current - and all dues paid - on the actual day of the competition.  Login to eBiz to check dues status for your quartet.
  3. You will need a legal copy of each piece of music you are singing, showing the Product ID numbers of any music purchased from the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS), and all copyright/publisher information for songs you did not purchase from the BHS.  Check  Is my arrrangement contestable?  If you have not cleared your arrangements, please contact the Music Library PRONTO!

Not sure about this? ? Full details are on the website at  Contest Entry Made REALLY Easy.