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Danish Quartet Captures Barbershop Youth Championship

Danish Quartet Captures Barbershop Youth Championship

The Clementones, a young quartet from Denmark, captured the Next Generation Barbershop Varsity Quartet Contest championship Wednesday evening in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Singing the Frank Sinatra hit “Mr. Success” and “When She Loved Me” from Toy Story 2 , The Clementones actually tied with second place quartet Jefferson Plaid Tie with 1430 pts/79.4%. By rule, the tie was broken by the Singing Category score, tilting the win to the Clementones. These near A-level scores sat atop a strong field in which the top eight quartets posted performances which would have qualified them for the open division contest.

The top 5 quartets are:

  1. The Clementones 1430 pts/79.4%
  2. Jefferson Plaid Tie 1430 pts/79.4%
  3. Brothers In Arms 1409 pts 78.3%
  4. On The Wire 1400 pts/ 77.8%
  5. Soundtrack 1396 pts/ 77.6 %

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The Clementones are:

  • Erik Buchreitz, tenor
  • Oliver Runge Skovbo Hansen, lead
  • Erik Fjendbo Lindstrøm, bari
  • Malte Øster, bass

With their victory, the Clemenones become the fifth quartet from the overseas Society of Nordic Barbershop Singers (SNOBS) to win the youth contest, which is open to singers age 27 and under.

As champion, the quartet earns bragging rights, notoriety, and a springboard to the big contest, which has increasingly been dominated by past college champions.

The youth contest launched a week of shows, contests and education for more than 5,000 guests from around the world. For full events and schedule, see

The Clementones
Jefferson Plaid Tie
Brothers In Arms
On The Wire

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