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Eight-part showstopper: "If There's Anybody Here From Out of Town"

In the ongoing race toward relevance, there's nothing better for audience development than reaching out and singing with other musical groups. Our featured song this week is perfect for performing with men's quartets plus women's quartets.

"If There's Anybody Here From Out of Town" bounces across the USA, cataloging locales and scenes in toe-tapping fashion. Dave Briner's arrangement for men's quartet plus women's quartet was made famous in an excellent performance by Panache (1990 SAI International Champion Quartet) and Acoustix (1990 BHS International Champion Quartet,) and works well for choruses also.

This arrangement makes an outstanding addition to youth choral events, too, as clinician Debbie Cleveland attests:

Nick Gordon and I have directed this arrangement as the closing number for three years at the Greater Cincinnati Harmony Fest, and the kids look forward to it every year! The arrangement is very accessible for the young singers, but has enough harmonic interest to challenge their ears and boost their musicianship. It features the women's voices alone, and then the men's voices alone, both singing different rhythmic and lyric patterns, creating a great deal of musical variety for the audience. The contrast of the legato female vocal lines and the syncopated male countermelody is like a puzzle that gives great satisfaction to the singer and the listener when the pieces are fitted neatly together. The lyrics include mention of four-part harmony, friendship and the universal nature of good-will and hospitality. This, along with a swingy rhythm that is easily choreographed and a tag that ends on a shimmery multi-part chord, makes it perfect for a finale!

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