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FAQs: LA2020 Pre-Sale

LA2020 | Frequently Asked Questions

Re-imagining the convention experience #BHSLA2020

View our LA2020 Pre-Sale Announcement here.

Read on for answers to your most frequently asked questions, including information regarding:

  • the red carpet event and gala dinner
  • the renewed contest schedule
  • Harmony University educational class offerings
  • ...and more!

What’s the red carpet event and gala dinner on Monday evening? Do I need a special invitation?

All convention attendees are invited to the Hollywood-style red carpet event on Monday evening, which is included in the price of registration.

Plan to add our black-tie Gala to your convention experience! This new premier event will include dinner, exclusive entertainment, awards, and an after party - all included with the purchase of an additional ticket of $150 per person. More details about the awards and featured musical guests will be released in the Fall of 2019.

What’s happening on Tuesday if there are no contests?

Tuesday will be a can’t-miss day of education classes, special events, and new ways to kick off your convention week -- all included with your convention registration! We’re offering our already outstanding Harmony University education sessions, plus premium sessions such as private lessons, coaching, and some new education opportunities still being developed. Look for more information soon about new ways to participate, which might include Tag Contests, a Fantasy Barbershop Quartet Draft, and more!

Tuesday night features the Opening Night Showcase, similar in style to our Midwinter opening show, followed by an afterglow.

What’s different about the contest schedule?

*Revised contest schedule has sessions starting and ending earlier in the day, with an afterglow every evening.

*Quartet Quarterfinals will take place on Wednesday.

*The chorus contest will be split over 2 days. Chorus order of appearance will be determined by seeding rather than random draw, so every session will be a mix of big names, up-and-comers, and groups making their International debut.

*Next Generation Varsity Quartet Contest and Chorus Invitational will take place on Saturday.

Will the 2020 International Contests include mixed harmony and women’s quartets and choruses?

No, the contest proposal currently receiving public commentary is for International Contests starting in Cleveland in 2021. We will continue collecting feedback through July and share the revised proposal before the end of the summer.

Why are the contest sessions starting earlier in the day?

We have received feedback that there’s not enough time in the evening after the contest concludes for the day to get together and sing informally.

By starting the contest sessions earlier, we leave time in the evening for an afterglow party and informal singing opportunities. We’re planning an afterglow event each night of the convention, allowing you to pick the best day for your all-nighter -- or all five of them!

Why are the Quartet Quarterfinals all on one day instead of split over two days like in 2018 and 2019?

Due to the limited move-in schedule of the highly sought-after Microsoft Theater, we are taking advantage of an open day on Tuesday to provide an immersive Education Day for our attendees, plus a few other new events to be announced.

Why is the chorus contest split over two days?

Your feedback has told us that the chorus contest day has proved to be uncomfortably long for both competitors and audience members. We also hope that splitting the contest over two days will encourage more choruses to watch and enjoy the other performances.

How will the order of appearance for the chorus contest be determined?

With the contest split into two days, the order of appearance will be determined by seeding, according to each chorus’s score at the preliminary competition (similar to the NCAA basketball tournament). This ensures a balance of entertainment value on each day and creates some extra excitement and drama.

Are the contest schedule changes going to be permanent for future BHS International contests?

That will depend on the feedback we receive from you! Due to some unique venue availability, we’re able to experiment a bit with different schedule options for LA2020. Please let us know what you like and don’t like in the Attendee Survey you receive after the event, and we’ll continue to adjust and improve future convention schedules.

Will Harmony University educational classes be offered all week concurrent with the contest sessions?

No, for LA2020 the HU educational offerings will be consolidated to Tuesday. This will include both open sessions that are included with your registration as well as some premium educational opportunities and private lessons or coaching, still to be determined.

When is the World Harmony Showcase?

Date and time for the World Harmony Showcase is still being determined. Our desire is to offer at a favorable time when as many as possible can attend, with no or limited conflicting events.