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Fill in gaps with membership buy-back

Buy back your missing membership years of service today!

Some of our most devoted members go through periods of life where Society membership just wasn’t feasible. Here is your chance to get those years back.

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There are many members in our organization who, for one reason or another, dropped off the official roster of Barbershop Harmony Society membership at a point in their life. You may be one of them. You might have continued participating in the barbershop community or with your local chapter or quartet. Or you may be someone who fully left the Society for a period of time.

If you take pride in your Society membership and want your membership card to match your love of barbershop, we have a solution.

Did you know?

Buying back your missing years of service is an option that has been available for years! Our Customer Service team has fulfilled a handful of requests over the last decade, but we realize that other members may want to take advantage of this opportunity. Our Customer Service team can issue a “buy-back” of those missing years of service to fill in the gaps.

If you have a lapse in membership and would like to have a continuous tenure, you can purchase those years that may be missing.

“I started singing barbershop with the Music City Chorus in my junior year of high school. When I went off to college, I was not actively involved in the local chorus, even though I would visit from time to time. Unfortunately, my membership with the Society lapsed. I did, however, keep up with all things barbershop-related (attending conventions, singing in quartets, CD purchases, etc.). I bought back those missing years of service. It was important for me to show a continuous membership since I never really felt disconnected in those years before I officially rejoined the Music City Chorus.”

— Danny Becker

How does it work?

As an example, if you had a Society membership from 1970-1977, left the organization for 3 years to return in 1980, those 3 years can be purchased at the rate of $144/year.

Buy-back prices and thresholds:

  • To purchase 3-5 years of missing years of service, each year is $144/year.
  • To purchase 6-9 years of missing years of service, each year is $120/year.
  • To purchase 10+ years of missing years of service, each year is $100/year.

Will I get my new membership card reflecting my updated years of service?

Yes! Our Customer Service Team will mail you a new membership card as soon as the payment has been processed.

Contact to get started.

Additional terms and conditions

  • A member can buy unlimited missing years of service to fill in gaps on their current record only.
  • A member cannot purchase years on either side of their membership in order to backdate a starting year or prepay years in advance.
  • The purchase of a Lifetime Membership only counts for years going forward and does not fill in earlier gaps. A member filling in many past years of service might consider whether they would rather use those funds to pay for a Lifetime Membership going forward.

Questions? Contact