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Financial Filings Coming Due for Chapters, Districts & Subsidiaries of BHS

Have you already submitted your required IRS 990 or CRA Filings? THANK YOU! Many of our chapters, districts, and subsidiaries have already filed these reports but may not have reported to Society HQ. Filing these reports with the IRS, CRA, or other equivalent is not just a good idea; it is the law!
The Barbershop Harmony Society also requires reporting to the organization as a matter of compliance for its chapters, districts, and subsidiaries.

For U.S. Entities:

These filings with the IRS and reporting in eBiz are due no later than May 15th.
For FAQ's about the IRS 990 and tutorial information, CLICK HERE.

For Canadian Entities:

These filings and/or reporting in eBiz are due no later than June 30th.
For chapters, please review the Chapter Treasurer Checklist which includes information regarding CRA filings by CLICKING HERE.
Your chapter or entity may not be required to file with the CRA or your local province annually every year. However, the Barbershop Harmony Society requires that you complete and update your eBiz profile nonetheless.
Canadian chapters or entities not required to file with the CRA or Province should upload to their eBiz profile, for the respective fiscal year, with a letter from their Chapter Secretary or Treasurer attesting that their chapter is not required to file with the CRA or Province.

For All Chapters, Districts, and Subsidiaries:

For a brief tutorial on how to update your Chapter or District eBiz profile with these filings, please CLICK HERE. If you are a subsidiary organization, copies of your mandatory filings should be sent to
Unfortunately, failing to report to the Barbershop Harmony Society (through eBiz) is grounds for suspension/probation of all entities under our umbrella.
If we can be of further assistance to you in the meantime, please reach out to our Customer Service Team at OR Chapter Leadership & Education team at or 800.876.SING.