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"Fix My Choir" -- now casting nationwide

This could be awesome. Or tragic.

The Casting Firm and a Major Cable Network are searching nationwide for choirs to transform on the new series “FIX MY CHOIR”!
  • Is your choir in trouble?
  • Are finances, a lack of resources, failing instruments or other challenges plaguing your choir?
  • Is conflict between choir members keeping you from becoming great?
  • Is your choir’s vocal ability not coming through because of infighting or lack of practice?
  • Do you worry your choir will fall apart if things don’t improve?
  • Does your choir have a unique or compelling story the world needs to know?
A GRAMMY WINNING ARTIST along with a CELEBRATED GOSPEL STAR and team of experts will transform struggling choirs into inspiring musical powerhouses! Seeking choirs with bold, outgoing members who are ready to open their doors and let our experts take their choral program to the next level!

Full details:  Fix My Choir – NOW CASTING NATIONWIDE! :: The Casting Firm.