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Forefront wows 'em at Camp A Cappella

We may recall that we had mentioned that 2014 Silver Medalist Forefront would appear at Camp A Cappella in June. and that Forefront tenor Drew Wheaton would be a featured instructor.  We have since received a very nice report from Camp Director Brody McDonald:

Camp Acappella was a smashing success, with nearly 200 campers in attendance. To say that barbershop night was well-received would be an understatement. ForeFront hit it out of the park! While there are many worthwhile camps in the country, we feel that Camp A Cappella is a strong ally to BHS/SAI/HI. Based on our current tracking, we're looking at a minimum of 300 campers next year. Unlike the existing barbershop camps (like Buckeye, Greater Cincy, Acappellooza, etc.), we offer exposure to a large number of students who are already rabid for a cappella music, but likely have not been exposed in-depth to barbershop. As we move forward, I hope we can continue to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. Thank you once again for sending ForeFront and Drew!

Camper comments were equally effusive:

I really like that we had different kinds of a Cappella showcased for us. Country, barbershop, and contemporary, it was great to hear such variety!!! It was really cool to see Forefront because I love love love barbershop! I thought it was really nice that we could experience barbershop at a pop a cappella camp! Drew opened up the world of barbershop to me and I never knew I would like it so much.