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BHS announces 2022 Hall of Fame Honorees

2022 Hall of Fame honorees

The Barbershop Harmony Society is proud to induct Joe Connelly, Tony De Rosa, and Tim Waurick into the Hall of Fame Class of 2022.These legendary Barbershoppers have set the gold standard as singers, coaches, and artists.

Joe Connelly

Joe Connelly is a 43-year BHS member and has contributed as a singer, coach, judge, and a director. His unmatched achievements as a gold-medal lead (Interstate Rivals (1987), Keepsake (1992), Platinum (2000), and Old School (2011)) have inspired thousands of leads with his unique, high-energy style, and his many years of judging and tireless top-notch coaching of choruses and quartet at all levels have helped barbershoppers all over the world reach their true potential as artists.

Tony De Rosa

Tony De Rosa is a 40-year BHS member, and stands with Joe as the only other Barbershopper to have won four gold medals (Keepsake (1992), Platinum (2000), Max Q (2007), and Main Street (2017). He’s the youngest ever to win gold at age 19. Tony has directed multiple choruses over his 27 years of directing, and spread the joy of barbershop to literally millions of people through his work as musical director of the Dapper Dans of Disney World.

Tim Waurick

Tim Waurick is a 28-year BHS member and, along with being the tenor of one of the most influential quartets of all time, Vocal Spectrum (2006 champion), he has contributed in the form of singing, coaching, and learning track production that has fundamentally changed how thousands of barbershoppers are able to learn new barbershop music with artistry and precision.

About the Barbershop Harmony Society Hall of Fame

The Barbershop Harmony Society Hall of Fame was established by action of the Society Board of Directors as a means of bestowing Society recognition and honor to members and quartets — living or in memoriam — for exceptional contributions made that have enhanced the barbershop experience for the Society.

Any living or deceased Society member, Society staff member, or quartet, with the exception of the current Society President or any current Hall of Fame committee member, is eligible for nomination.

Honorees are selected by a majority vote of the committee, and there is no maximum or minimum limit on the number of inductees in a given year.

The award criteria used by the committee fall into general categories of music and administration/leadership. In music, judging, arranging, composing, chorus directing, coaching and singing are important. In administration/leadership, service as an officer, advisor, and in planning, writing or editing are considered.