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General Mixed Group Singing 2


In order to have effective rehearsals, you need to think bigger than this one night! Think about the…

SINGER - reading sessions


How you treat and communicate with others in rehearsal has a huge impact on the ability of your…

CHORUS - youth

Secure your local music programs (with NAfME’s Ronny Lau)

From the May/June issue of The Harmonizer, pages 12-13. Interview with Lorin May, Editor, The…

Chorus Youth Chorus Women

Youth Policy Procedure FAQs

As chapter and district leaders, you have several key responsibilities to the members that you…

Education Hu General Session

Do Less & Sing More

Minimize the effort spent on chorus business, and spend more time on your…

Education Hu Class Close Up

3 "Ahs" to keep singers coming back every week

Great leaders know we need a variety of elements to keep our barbershop singers coming back to sing…

Education Hu Class Mixed

The hierarchy of rehearsal effectiveness

Music leaders must make hundreds of decisions about how to work with their group in a variety of…

Chorus Mens Chorus Director Close Up

Better conducting: directors must learn both introspection and "outrospection"

Music directors need to have a good grasp on what is happening with their…

2016 Bhs Leadership Facilitators

Why YOU Should Attend the 2018 Leadership Summit!

Are you a chapter or district leader looking to hone your skills? Are you a team member who is…

CHORUS - Westminster 2015

Guest Blog: FLOATING OR SWIMMING? – Brody McDonald

Floating or Swimming? Brody McDonald, via Choir Bites More articles from Choir Bites can be…

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