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Harmony Explosion Camps Igniting Across North America

Young men and women all over North America have been celebrating barbershop harmony and loving every minute of it!

Harmony Explosion camps provide a great multi-day opportunity for the high-school singer to meet other students who share similar interests, learn more about singing and vocal technique, experience the thrill of barbershop harmony, ring 4-part chords 'til the wee hours of the morning, and have a ton of fun! 

Want to see what these talented young people have been up to?

  • The Ontario District Harmony Explosion Camp has its own facebook page.
  • When you search #harmonyexplosion on instagram you get a plethora of photos.
  • There are already tons of videos on YouTube from 2014 (and we still have 5 camps to go!)

Have a listen to these talented young men:

Want a first hand experience from a camper? Check out this video!

Any way you look at it, these camps are making a positive difference in the lives of these young people. Want to know how you can help a kid get to a Harmony Explosion Camp? Check out the Harmony Foundation!