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"Illustrator Jimmy" pens incredible champ quartet art


A bit of idle doodling while watching the webcast has turned into a burgeoning gallery celebrating barbershop quartet champions.

Jimmy Trapp tells his story:

Last July, just for the fun of it, I put together an illustration for the 2015 International Barbershop Quartet Champions, Instant Classic. I posted it to Facebook and before I knew it, my feed was blowing up! My fellow Barbershoppers loved it and asked me to do more quartet art. So I went down the line – drawing up illustrations that I felt best represented each quartet champion.

The work spans styles of cartooning: simple logos, evocative scenes, caricatures, and numerous in-jokes and references to the quartets' most famous performances. Fans are eating it up, and several of the featured quartets have purchased the original works from Jimmy, a professional illustrator,  graphic novelist, and chorus medalist with Sound of the Rockies.

 New works are being added as time permits. See the gallery, or follow Jimmy on Instagram and Facebook at