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Join the team! Project Consultant opportunity as Choral Ecosystem Researcher /Consultant

[Updated 10/19/2016: position has been filled.]

As part of its strategic planning process, the Barbershop Harmony Society is seeking the assistance of a researcher or consultant to serve as an independent contractor for a limited time, limited scope, paid engagement.

The goal of this research is to produce a visual map and written analysis of choral field-building organizations and aggregators.  With this map and analysis, BHS and its partners can better understand and capture the opportunities for building a stronger culture of singing.

Key steps in the project include:

  1. Identify choral field-building organizations and aggregators; starting with, but then expanding, our existing list of relationships.
  2. Through a combination of electronic surveys and phone interviews:
    1. Quantify who they organize and aggregate
    2. Characterize the communities represented by each of them, their size, characteristics, personality, etc.
    3. Characterize their key strategies, theories of change, etc.
    4. Describe their key programs.
    5. Understand how they are funded.
    6. Understand the outcomes they are producing; aggregate their metrics.
  3. Produce a visual map or set of maps, and a written analysis, that codifies the above.
  4. Based on the above, identify gaps and overlaps for building a healthy ecosystem.

This project will begin as soon as a contractor is selected (target date September 15) and conclude by November 1.   The contractor will report to Kevin Lynch, Chief Strategy Officer of the Barbershop Harmony Society.  The work can be done from any remote location with sufficient electronic access.  Deliverables and interim work products will be produced through google documents and direct communication via Google Hangouts.

The person we are looking for could range from a recent graduate student with an interest in strategy, to a more seasoned consultant who has performed similar projects in the past.  

Attributes of the ideal contractor will include:

  • Strong verbal and listening skills, for communicating with and interviewing top leaders in the choral field.
  • Organizational skills, for amassing and dissecting the data, once collected.
  • Analytical skills, for detecting and describing patterns that emerge from the data.
  • Written and presentation skills for producing the key project deliverables.
  • Strong affinity for the performing arts field, and more specifically, for choral music.

To be considered for this work, please fill out a brief application here.  Please direct any other questions or inquiries to