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Many hands make light work: Society leadership teams in action!

Many hands make light work

The twelve members of the Barbershop Harmony Society Board of Directors (SBOD) are all hard-working, dedicated volunteers, but even they know that providing strategic guidance for the 80-year-old Society can be a daunting task! Throughout the process of strategic planning, and as BHS Board, staff, members, and fans strive toward the vision of “Everyone in Harmony,” the SBOD has invited input and feedback from a number of outside sources, including surveys to members and chapters, town hall meetings, listening sessions, and special committees or advisory groups.

Three of those groups (one established, two new) are introduced below.

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) was established in 2015 (before then, it was known as the Annual Planning Cycle Committee) and includes both Board members and non-Board members. The SPC meets several times a month to provide guidance to BHS staff on the execution of the vision and ensure that operations are aligned with governance and strategy.

The 2018 Strategic Planning Committee includes:

Dick Powell (Chair)

Jeremy Albright

Steve Denino

John Donehower

Mo Field

David Haedtler

Cody Harrell

Skipp Kropp

Marty Monson

John Miller

Murray Phillips

With the June 19th announcement welcoming women into the Society, the Board has been forming a new Women’s Advisory Group made up of some of the newest BHS members. The purpose of this group is to (1) provide a conduit for Harmony Hall staff to engage a trusted team for honest feedback and guidance as we roll out the strategic vision of “Everyone in Harmony,” and (2) provide operational guidance to the Society on how we will support our expanding singing communities.

The Women’s Advisory Group currently includes:

Blair Brown

Elizabeth Davies

Mo Field

Bev Greene

Kim Newcomb

For the September 17, 2018, Board meeting, the SBOD invited feedback from the Women’s Advisory Group as well as others representing Contest & Judging, District President’s Council, Harmony Foundation International, and the Leadership Operations Project Team (see photo above). This newly-named Thought Leadership Team will continue to serve in an advisory capacity going forward, collaborating closely with Society Board and staff members .

Blair Brown

Greg Caetano

Elizabeth Davies

Mo Field

Ed Fritzen

Bev Greene

Jim Johnson

Kevin Keller

Rob MacDonald

David Mills

Dave Montera

Kim Newcomb

Dixie Semich

Doug Smeltz

Steve Wyszomierski