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Member Center: New trainings for BHS Leaders

Member Center: New Trainings for BHS Leaders

We're working to improve your user experience

Since the launch of the recent upgrade to Member Center, we have been fixing bugs, streamlining processes, and adding new features -- something we’ll continue to do on a regular basis.

Some of our most recent improvements are specifically aimed to help our chapter and singing community leaders better manage the business of barbershop. Based on your user experience and feedback, we’ve recently made the following improvements to three regular processes that can now be done in the Member Center: Adding a Member or Officer, Updating Singing Community Dues, and Reporting Chapter Eternal Passings.

We’ve made updates to our online tutorials to reflect these changes and additions; you can view those at the links below. All of our Help articles are available in the Doc Center (member login required).

Adding/Reinstating a Member or Officer

When adding or reinstating a member or officer to your singing community, you will be guided through a page by page screen flow, only seeing the necessary fields for each path. This helps remove confusion over when to add a chapter leadership role versus when to include a voice part, for example.

Updating Singing Community Dues

When updating your singing community dues, you will be guided through a page by page screen flow as well, giving a little more context at each step and only seeing the necessary fields. This also keeps legacy dues records intact to show history of changes.

Reporting Chapter Eternal Passings

Brand new process: As of late April 2021, volunteer leaders can now report a members’ passing to the Chapter Eternal directly in the Member Center. The record will be marked appropriately and automatically printed in the next edition of The Harmonizer with no need to email customer service.

Making Member Center Work for you

Remember: Member Center is an ever-evolving work in progress, so we need your feedback to make it work FOR YOU. If you see room for improvement while navigating the Member Center, please send us an email at We will review all submissions on a regular basis and use your feedback to determine what features to include in future releases.

What feature improvements are next?

You’ve spoken and we’ve listened! We’ll be rolling out improvements to chapter leader reports next, as well as mailing out member cards. Stay tuned for more information!