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Midtown wins quartet championship

Midtown wins quartet championship

Midtown added hilarious comedy to its superb singing and storytelling to win the gold medals Saturday in Louisville.

The quartet’s finals set ranged from the sublime —
“You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught/Children Will Listen” — to the ridiculous — a medley of ’60s classic cartoon theme “Spider-Man” and “Old MacDonald’s Deformed Farm” which hearkened back to baritone KJ McAleesejergins’ previous comedy quartet.

The five medalists were:

  1. Midtown 8508 pts / 94.5%
  2. Lemon Squeezy 8367 pts / 93.0%
  3. First Take 8354 pts / 92.8%
  4. Three and a Half Men 8341 pts / 92.7%
  5. Throwback 8325 pts / 92.5%

Prior classics

Midtown's "Spider-Farm" has many callbacks to previous performances. Here's a playlist of the past great moments that made the parody so much fun.