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Music City Chorus wins chorus championship

Music City Chorus wins chorus championship

A sideways sense of humor and straight-on gorgeous singing earned Nashville’s Music City Chorus its first-ever gold medals in Saturday’s International Chorus Contest.

The 86-singer chorus sang a comedic parody poking fun at the pandemic, the other choruses, and themselves most of all, and a touching reflection of the return to unity in “Circle of Life.” Music City’s superlative performance propelled them past powerhouse champions in a strong field of 37 choruses from across the continent.

The top five choruses were

  1. Music City Chorus (2872 - 95.7)
  2. Ambassadors of Harmony (2863 - 95.4)
  3. The Alexandria Harmonizers (2788 - 92.9)
  4. Parkside Harmony (2750 - 91.7)
  5. Central Standard (2749 - 91.6)

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