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Music-making for adults: New Horizons International Music Association

Imagine a confederation of music groups for adults that provides:

...entry points to music making for adults, including those with no musical experience at all and those who were active in school music programs but have been inactive for a long time. Many adults would like an opportunity to learn music in a group setting similar to that offered in schools, but the last entry point in most cases was elementary school. We know that for most of the last century, about 15-20 percent of high school students nationally participated in music. From that, we can estimate that at least 80 percent of the adult population needs beginning instruction in order to participate in making music. New Horizons Music programs serve that need.

If you thought, "that sounds like the Barbershop Harmony Society," you'd be right -- and wrong, or at least but incomplete. Because while we do an excellent job fulfilling that deep desire to make vocal music, there's another outfit taking care of aspiring adult-learner instrumentalists.

 With hundreds of bands across North America, these folks look like us. (And how about that slogan across the website" "Music for life.")

Search for potential partners in your communities. Wouldn't it be delightful to offer combined music instruction for people who want to sing in addition to those who want to play instruments?


via New Horizons International Music Association.