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Officer & Leadership Reporting Online

As our election/nomination season approaches, we wanted to remind you of the importance in updating your eBiz profile following the election.

PLEASE NOTE: Officers & Leaders for next year must be reported before 12/31 of this year. Current chapter officers expiring this year will drop off the list automatically on that date and will not be capable of making the required updates.


Authorized officers for making changes to chapter level officer & leadership roster:

  • Chapter -- President, Secretary, Secretary (online substitute)
  • District -- President, Secretary

Authorized officers for making changes to district level officer & leadership roster

  • District -- President, Secretary

Please refer to the Standard Chapter or District Bylaws if you have any questions regarding your officers or leaders.

For a full tutorial how to update your Chapter or District Officer & Leadership Roster: CLICK HERE

If you have an officer continuing, there is no need to add a new record. You can simply change the end date of their position to the corresponding year they’re continuing to.

If an officer or leader is added by accident, you can edit the record and change their start & end dates to 01/01/1899 and 01/02/1899, respectively.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact your District Secretary or contact the BHS Customer Service Department at You can also contact our Chapter Leadership & Education team at