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Philly Will Be Jim Clancy's Last Contest As Director

We'll let Vocal Majority's press release speak for itself:

PHILADELPHIA CONTEST TO BE LAST COMPETITION FOR VOCAL MAJORITY DIRECTOR JIM CLANCY Dallas, TX (May 18, 2010) --- After nearly forty years and an unprecedented eleven gold medals in international competition, Director Jim Clancy has decided to make the 2010 Philadelphia performance his last international contest at the helm of the Vocal Majority Chorus®. He will continue as Musical Director and primary arranger, but will leave preparation and execution for future contests to Jeff Oxley and the rest of his music staff. Formed in 1972, the Vocal Majority Chorus® won its first gold medal in the 1975 International competition in Indianapolis and is now preparing for competition in Philadelphia. When asked about the upcoming contest, Clancy says, “I’m very excited about our preparation for this upcoming international competition. I believe that the Vocal Majority Chorus® is singing better than ever, and I am honored to lead the men into competition one last time before our wonderful family of barbershoppers.” The Board of Directors of the Vocal Majority asks that any questions and comments regarding this announcement be directed to: Todd Roberts President, Vocal Majority Chorus Email:

Wow. The man absolutely defined what a barbershop chorus could be--heck, what a men's chorus could be. The man changed thousands of lives, and not just those among VM members and audiences.

What are your best memories of Jim Clancy and the VM? What do you expect for Philly? How should we remember Jim's historical legacy?