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Pro Tip: Use Eventbrite to promote your open Rehearsals and Auditions!

Are you using Eventbrite for your events? You should be.

Eventbrite does it all - posts your events online, makes it easier for people to find you, handles ticket sales and payment collection, allows attendees to use printed and mobile tickets at the venue doors, and empowers you to easily manage the whole process online.

There are many BHS choruses and districts already using Eventbrite. Through our special arrangement with Eventbrite, your chorus, chapter, and district get access to Premium-level features, including:

  • No upfront costs to create your account or list an event
  • Free events have zero fees
  • Reserved seating options with multiple ticket prices
  • Access to Eventbrite’s 24/7 phone support

Pro Tip: Use Eventbrite to promote your open Rehearsals and Auditions!

You don’t have to sell tickets to a big show in order to make Eventbrite work for you. Click here to see how BHS choruses like Tacoma Vocal Standard are effectively using Eventbrite to promote their weekly open rehearsals! This costs them nothing, is quick and easy to set up, is free promotion, and makes their event super visible on Eventbrite and Google searches.

Let's Get Started.

You can find more details about benefits, fees, and how to get started at And if you’re already using Eventbrite, this is a great place to access short training videos, pro tips for BHS users, contact info for Eventbrite’s support team, and more. Dive in!