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Quartet Resource Project, Phase II: Building a Directory of Resources

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When we surveyed our existing quartets for the development of the Guidebook for Performing Quartets, many responses mentioned the need for resources and help in marketing, technology, and coaching. So, with the help of our volunteer project coordinator, Walt Lammert, we are developing a searchable, on-line directory of coaching, marketing, and technology Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that are available to assist quartets and/or choruses. Although we can identify many other subjects where experts might be of use, this phase of the project is focusing on the areas that were identified as our most immediate need.

We are now gathering names of potential resources and . . . we need your help, again! We hope you’ll supply us with some information to identify as many resources as possible for these directories. If you are aware of qualified individuals with experience serving musical groups, please provide us with their contact information via this link.

We are particularly interested in the following areas:

  • Performance, music, or singing coaches
  • Individuals who can help quartets with marketing activities – press kit, website, social media, etc.
  • Individuals who can consult on or provide live sound and recording technology expertise

We will send out a qualifying survey to identified individuals, review the collected data, and reach out to potential resources as appropriate for more qualifying information. We’ll also send this request directly to chapter leaders soon for the additional SMEs they know.

This will establish the groundwork to develop a directory of coaching, marketing, and technology resources that are available to assist performing quartets and choruses, which future projects might build upon.