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Quin-Tones win junior quartet championship

Quin-Tones win junior quartet championship

The Quin-Tones, a young men’s barbershop quartet from Quinton Township, New Jersey captured the inaugural Next Generation Junior Barbershop Quartet Contest on Thursday, presented in Nashville by the Barbershop Harmony Society.

The quartet sang a classic barbershop ballad, “My Ideal,” on the way to the championship, scoring 219 out of 300 possible points, a single point ahead of the next two quartets. The contest featured 15 quartets, with all singers age 17 and under.

The Quin-Tones began as part of a remarkable program at Quinton Township School under music teacher John Wernega, whose Wildcat Harmonizers boys’ chorus has been a perennial crowd pleaser at international barbershop events. Pictured above, left to right are:

  • Tommy Hunter, bari
  • Chris Crawford, bass
  • Julian LeFlore, lead
  • Jake Lapp, tenor

In a novel twist, twins and quadruplets made up the second and third place quartets. Singing Double, a women’s quartet from Gaither High School in Tampa, features two sets of twins, and their selection, “Two Of A Kind,” was filled with twin jokes. Pictured below, left to right are:

  • Krystal Majid, tenor
  • Emma Paschal , lead
  • Hannah Pascal, bass
  • Kelly Majid, bari

Vintage Mix, a mixed group from Waukesha West High School in Wisconsin, are quadruplets, three sisters and their brother, who sang the Disney classic “When You Wish Upon A Star.” Pictured below, left to right:

  • Julia Shoppach, tenor
  • Anika Shoppach, lead
  • Ian Shoppach, bass
  • Kelsey Shoppach, bari

Fifteen quartets from across the country competed in the Festival, which continues Friday with 17 choruses taking the stage of the legendary Grand Ole Opry for the Junior Chorus Invitational.

Additional photos and video footage may be available. Contact Brian Lynch, 615-673-4131 or .

See the scoresheet.