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Interstate Rivals cheer Drayton Justus

Interstate Rivals cheer Drayton Justus

It's not your average sick call when a champ quartet reunites to bring comfort to another champ battling cancer.

Past champ Drayton Justus (Gentlemen's Agreement, 1971) still looks good in his red tux, and still has that characteristic twinkle in his eye, when his old friends the Interstate Rivals (1987) paid a visit last month. "We're here to honor the mighty awesome Drayton Justus," lead Joe Connolly said, "One of the all-time great Barbershoppers and human beings to ever grace the planet."

Justus didn't miss a beat, mouthing the words along with the Rivals during their performance.

L-R: Kipp Buckner, Joe Connelly, Jaw Hawkins, Paul Gilman

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