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Search continues for old C&J Materials

Kevin Keller loves the old songs, and the old judges, and the way the old judges judged the old songs in the old days. The past C&J Chair  is heading a team that is searching for old materials that help describe the evolution of our judging system.

Says Kevin:

I appreciate everyone’s help in trying to uncover old judging documents. We’re still in search of any materials to fill in gaps. As you clean out your closets, boxes and file cabinets, let me know of any of your finds. Obviously, Harmonizer articles are available online, but any sort of letters associated with judging, anecdotes as to why changes in the rules were made, etc. are greatly appreciated. Please drop me a line if you have anything of interest!

List of what we have
1941 – Suggested Rules by Joe Stern
1946 – Official Rules
1949 – Official Rules and Category Descriptions
1954 – Chorus Rules
1964 – Full C&J Handbook
1971 – Full C&J Handbook
1972 – Full C&J Handbook
1976 – Full C&J Handbook
1983 – Full C&J Handbook
1986 – Full C&J Handbook
1987 – ARR CD
1990 – Full C&J Handbook
1992 – Full C&J Handbook
1995 – July Full C&J Handbook
1996 – Feb Full C&J Handbook
2000 – Jan Full C&J Handbook
2001 – MUS CD
2002 – Jan Full C&J Handbook
2004 – Jan Full C&J Handbook
2006-Present – All C&J Handbooks

Got materials? Contact Kevin at