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Signature sings with Alan Osmond at American Freedom Festival

Community appearance during convention leads to meeting a showbiz great

What does a top quartet before going out to win a championship? Perform at an Independence Day gala -- and sing a polecat with a famed entertainer.

It was just another quiet week for Signature. Sing a few times, do some afterglows, maybe celebrate the Fourth of July with family.

Right. But of course, Signature isn't like other quartets. During the 2019 International Convention in Salt Lake City, the quartet took some time away from the bustle of barbershop's biggest week to represent the Society at America's Freedom Festival at Provo. Hours after notching a terrific quarterfinal round, the quartet hit the road for Provo, where they sang the National Anthem and a well-received set at the Freedom Awards Gala.

In the audience was Alan Osmond, famed as a member of The Osmond Brothers, BHS Honorary Members and beloved entertainers who got their start as a barbershop quartet under the tutelage of BHS Hall of Famer Dr. Val Hicks.

Alan was very complimentary of Signature's performance, and reminisced about The Osmonds' path from mainstay of The Andy Williams Show to becoming an entertainment dynasty that continues to this day.

No meet-up of Barbershoppers is complete without a little singing, of course, and Alan certainly knew his way around "Wild Irish Rose."