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Smack-Talking quartet lampoons college football fans

Smack-Talking quartet lampoons college football fans

There may be college football rivalries as intense as the Southeast Conference... but we can't think of any offhand. So when the Sentimental Gentlemen quartet was asked to appear in a comedy short previewing the coming season, they knew they were in for some big fun.

"Are you tired of sending the same old smack-talk texts the morning after?" asks the SEC Shorts website -- and the Sentimental Gentlemen quartet from the Birmingham, Alabama Chapter, are the answer.

As timely as a Singing Valentine, but with a bit more twisting of the dagger, a Smack Talk-A-Pella Gram delivered by a poker-faced quartet (Keith Lowry, lead; Ed Wharton, bass; John Holladay, bari; Steve Callahan, tenor) is just the thing to beat down your best friend.

The producers met with the quartet in July to hear them sing through their repertoire, then came back a few weeks later with parody lyrics to songs such as "Happy Together", "Twelve Days of Christmas" and "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?"

Filmed in the Avondale community of Birmingham, the quartet segment was completed in about two hours. “The hardest part about the filming was that we had to stand there and put this bland look on our faces,” Callahan added. “That was really hard, because we practice and practice being totally animated when we sing.”