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Songs from Sir Elton John

Although you may not have a walk-in closet devoted to sunglasses like Sir Elton John does, you'll probably really dig his charts.

GoodbyeYellow brick Road

Folks of a certain age (say, 50ish) will immediately recognize this iconic album cover and song. "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" is the title track of one his early multi-platinum albums, and likely the only chance you'll ever have of singing the phrase "where the dogs of society howl."

Captain Fantastic penned the pop tunes in the mega-smash of film and Broadway, The Lion King. He scored an Academy Award for writing and a Grammy for singing "Can You Feel The Love Tonight", and arranger June Dale has given us a lovely barbershop setting.

The emotional heart of The Lion King is "The Circle Of Life" , a rousing piece with a big sweeping chorus part and feature section for soloist or small ensemble.