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Taipei to New Orleans: A new barbershopper is born!

This is Alex.

From L to R: Steve Zorn, Eric Dove, Alex Li, and Marty Monson

He saw a YouTube video of Storm Front singing "Lida Rose" and began searching for more barbershop... a common beginning for young barbershoppers that usually ends in finding a local chapter and starting on a fairly small scale. But in this case, the search began in Taipei, Taiwan. Alex had been planning a visit to the US, so he thought he'd make a stop in Nashville to visit HQ. Further investigation led him to discover an event during the time he was planning to travel, so New Orleans became the destination of choice. Maybe he would find some singers there to learn more about this barbershop stuff.

Boy, did he! If you were at Midwinter in New Orleans this year, chances are that you sang with Alex in some way. He was in the AHSOW room, in the All Chapter Chorus, in the hotel lobby singing tags, at the shows singing tags, up all night singing tags... this guy was everywhere. He sang with high school and college kids, gold medalists, old school woodshedders, Sweet Adelines, chorus guys, and our CEO. What a way to start!

We all have our story about how we discovered barbershop, but this one will be tough to beat. So glad you found us, Alex!