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Virtual Harmony U: Perfect prep for post-COVID success

Virtual Harmony University: perfect prep for post-COVID success

Hit the ground running as a performer and as an ensemble with classes geared toward today’s challenges and opportunities—plus the timeless high-end learning of years past.

If you are ready to take all the silver linings from online barbershop life and integrate them into your post-COVID barbershop life, don’t miss Virtual Harmony University, this summer from July 17-August 7. Faculty have been gearing up to adapt classic curriculum to the emerging challenges and opportunities of post-pandemic singing and leadership.

Our deepest faculty bench of all time will be building on last year’s overwhelmingly positive feedback for Virtual HU. In addition to new offerings, classic courses have been tailored to reflect the needs and realities for today’s singers. Participate live or, if needed, watch on your own schedule. Register for an all-inclusive pass or order à la carte. All purchased content can be viewed until September 1!

VIRTUAL CHOIR. Join director Alex Morris and all-star section leaders to prepare for a mixed-voice virtual performance of David Wright’s arrangement of the Jackson 5 hit “A-B-C.”

QUARTET COACHING. If your quartet has a laptop and a greenlight to safely sing together live, you’ll see just how powerful virtual coaching can be. Sign up your quartet for one-on-one sessions with a variety of top-level coaches and get a big jump in preparing for shows, contests, and community performances. At the end, your performance may be posted to the BHS YouTube channel.

SEMINARS. The world’s top Barbershoppers provide a deep dive into the craft through six intensive two-hour courses for each of the following areas:
• Leadership
• Applied Vocal Instruction
• Music Educator
• Arranging
• Performing
• Directing

ELECTIVES. Choose from 90 live, interactive 50- and 110-minute courses offered from August 2-7. A huge variety of courses will provide endless expertise from (did we mention this before?) our deepest faculty bench of all time.

GENERAL SESSIONS. You won’t want to miss these four sessions with fast-moving, engaging, participatory content that should be familiar to anyone who has attended HU Belmont or Barbershop Live @ Home.

This article originally appeared in the July/Aug 2021 edition of The Harmonizer.