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Volunteer at Virtual Midwinter!

Volunteer with us at the 2021 Virtual Midwinter Convention!

Our 2021 Virtual Midwinter Convention is going to be an incredible new experience for members around the world. You can be a part of delivering that experience through volunteering!

3 Volunteer Options Available

Volunteers will be needed for 3 roles throughout the event: Tour Guides, Help Desk, and Hall Monitors. These roles will run 24 hours each day and we may need volunteers willing to cover overnight hours.

  • Tour Guides will give short tours around the campus (estimated at 10 minutes/tour)
  • Help Desk assignments will deal with troubleshooting within the world, which may include assisting with mic issues, navigating the menu, accessing the show schedule, etc.
  • Hall Monitors will ensure there is no trolling or abuse to other attendees and will monitor different areas of the world.

Volunteers who sign-up for a minimum of 4 hours will be eligible for a $59 Virtual Midwinter Convention registration!

All volunteers will be provided with additional training and information in mid-January.

The deadline to sign up to volunteer is January 25, 2021.