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What Did We Do Once That We Should Have Never Stopped?

As opposed to "What did we start doing that we never should have started?"

This one's for the old-timers, or at least the historically enlightened. It's the promised follow-up to my last post, "System reboot: If we'd started the Society today, what would be different?" (In retrospect, maybe today's post should have come first.) In either case, I'm hoping for some insightful answers and discussion.

We've had a lot of wise men among us during our Society's 72 years. Still do. At headquarters, we have access to every copy of The Harmonizer ever printed, going back to 1941. (And we'd love to digitize all those issues and provide them to our members online. Biiiiiiiig scanning project. Any volunteers?) These old Harmonizers record many trends that have come and gone, some things that never change (style debate anyone?), and occasionally a cringe-worthy image or sentiment from a bygone era that has thankfully not survived to the present.

But what about the stuff from our past that should have survived but didn't?There used to be more interchapter activity, for example. We used to have a Society-wide chapter achievement program. (More on that later.) Some men lament the day we dropped the requirement for a chapter Program VP.

What practices, trends or programs from the past served us well and should never have stopped? I'd say more, but I'd rather hear your thoughts.

Your comments and wisdom, please!