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What happened to barbershop on Spotify?

The Barbershop Harmony Society is working to continue legal digital distribution of its contest archives through iTunes, Spotify and other popular services. A wealth of material is winding its way through the pipeline, and we are as anxious as you are for it to reach our customers, fans, and an even wider audience as soon as possible.

For background, the Society has reached an amicable conclusion to its association with Naked Voice Records, which has handled digital distribution under contract with BHS for several years. The digital music distribution landscape has substantially changed in the past ten years, and as with any business process, prudent and responsible stewardship of resources suggests periodic review of our practices. An immediate first step is to deal directly with industry leaders in digital distribution, and our new partner, The Orchard, will allow us to extend into new areas more efficiently, quickly and profitably. We think you’re going to like what’s on the horizon, especially as it relates to releasing more music from more performers more broadly more often!

We apologize for any interruptions during transition from one vendor to another, and look forward to vastly expanding your choice and pleasure in legally streamed and downloaded barbershop. Yes, it will be back, and soon.