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VINTAGE AUDIO: O.C. Cash recounts the first meeting in Tulsa, OK

Superman and the rocket from planet Krypton… Newton’s apple and the theory of gravity… O.C. ,…

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Vocality drops "Carry On Wayward Son" video

Is this the future of barbershop? The well-established art of the music video to enhance and…

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Watch Nashville Convention performances on YouTube on August 15th… ALL OF ‘EM!

One of the most frequent messages to our Harmony Hall team is “MORE…

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2016 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award nominees announced

Barbershoppers aren’t the only people listening to barbershop albums! The Contemporary A Cappella…

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Throwback Thursday: Meet the Forcep Four!

Collegiate a cappella is booming... but it's not new! Oregon Health & Science University…

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Visit the Jack Baird old songs collection... online!

Attention music historians, arrangers, and lovers of old-timey music! The Jack Baird library of old…

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What happened to barbershop on Spotify?

The Barbershop Harmony Society is working to continue legal digital distribution of its contest…

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2014 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award Nominees

  Barbershoppers aren't the only people listening to barbershop albums. The Contemporary A…