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Why You Should Care About Lady Gaga's Performance at the Oscars

Why You Should Care About Lady Gaga's Performance at the Oscars

Love her or hate her, it's hard to disagree that Lady Gaga's performance at the 87th Academy Awards was a memorable one. Why? Because she wasn't in a meat dress or swinging from the ceiling. No, her new act of rebellion was singing a classic musical medley of selections from The Sound of Music— shocking, but in an entirely new way!

Now, how in the world does this apply to you as a barbershop singer? In breaking out of her mold, she banished the stereotype (of her own creation) in an instant and oops, it was amazing!

The lesson? If she can be square, we can be cool.

Now, hang on to your pitch pipe and don't get your mustache in a twist. We aren't suggesting that we abandon all of the things that make barbershop great. But what if we took a cue from Lady Gaga and looked for new ways to break out out of our own self-imposed stereotypical image. Maybe it's adding a pop song to your show set... or trading the tux and satin vest for something more approachable... or even (gasp)... VOCAL PERCUSSION!

If Gaga can leave her comfort zone and sing songs from The Sound of Music, then barbershoppers should feel comfortable singing all types of close harmony. Embrace something different!

#equalopportunity #loveallsingers

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