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Camp A Cappella to feature FOREFRONT

Rule One in Outreach: go where the singers are. 

That's what international medalist Forefront will be doing next week at Camp A Cappella at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, June 23-28.

Run by acappella all-father Deke Sharon (The House Jacks, Pitch Perfect, The Sing-Off) and choral director, Barbershopper (Turning Point, college champ Stop The Presses) and author (A Cappella Pop: A Complete Guide to Contemporary A Cappella Singing) Brody McDonald, the camp leans more to pop music than a standard barbershop repertoire --which makes the appearance of a top barbershop group all the more influential.

Forefront tenor Drew Wheaton, director of the Louisville Thoroughreds, will be teaching at Camp Acappella, leading tag classes, and bringing world-class barbershop to an audience that may not be familiar with the style. "The Forefront concert will consist of an extended show set, then some barbershop education, and then mass tag singing with Forefront as the section leaders," he reports.