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Guide to BHS Ethics Reporting Procedures

As a part of our commitment to provide a positive environment to support activities that engage with members, associates, and all people interested in barbershop, the Barbershop Harmony Society has a Code of Ethics, as well as a Youth Policy, that all members and associates must affirm and agree to abide by when joining or renewing membership. These policies are in place to ensure that every person who engages with BHS at any level, and in any activity, may do so with full confidence that they are in a safe environment. Refer to the resources below for specific information. If at any time, any individual (member or non-member) experiences any form of harassment, abuse, or inappropriate contact from a member or associate, they should contact the appropriate local authorities immediately.

Violation Examples

The Society Code of Ethics rests on the primary principle that members shall not, through actions or words, discriminate against or cause financial, emotional, or physical harm to another member, supporter, or patron at a barbershop event.

The following list, which is not necessarily exhaustive or exclusive, lists specific behaviors that are a clear violation of the Code of Ethics. Violations of the Code of Ethics may result in a reprimand, suspension, or expulsion of Society membership as further outlined in Paragraph X. of the BHS Ethics Complaint Process.


  • Acts or words that discriminate based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or disease

  • Creating an unsafe environment through discriminatory words or acts

  • Gender or sexual-based harassment

Financial Misconduct

  • Theft of property

  • Fraud in financial dealings

  • Conflict of interest in leadership or financial dealings

  • Embezzlement


  • Use of social media to falsely malign another Society member

  • False statements against a Society Member distributed by means other than social media

  • Sexual Harassment, which is not the same as “gender or sexual-based violence,” but remains a concern of The Society Board. Sexual Harassment is any behavior that causes distress, feelings of a lack of safety, or physical harm to another person based on their actual or perceived race/ethnicity, religion, age, gender, gender expression or identity, socioeconomic status, disability, sexual orientation, citizenship status, geography, place of origin, marital status, or familial status. Harassment does not need to have malicious intent; the impacts on the person reporting the harassment must be addressed regardless of the intent. Displays of derogatory or offensive pictures, graffiti, or materials towards people because of one of the identities listed above; demeaning remarks, jokes, or innuendos about another Society member or group of members, guests, staff, volunteers, and not necessarily a member of the groups mentioned, are also forms of harassment.


  • Gender or sexual-based violence

  • Threat of violence

  • Sabotage or vandalism of property

Initiating an Ethics Report

The filing of an Ethics Report with the Society Ethics Committee must initiate all allegations of a violation of the Code of Ethics. Any person who wishes to make an anonymous or self-identified report of a possible ethics violation may do so by completing the online ethics report, or by calling one of the below telephone numbers:

  • English-speaking USA and Canada: 833-214-2442

  • Spanish-speaking USA and Canada: 800-216-1288

  • French-speaking Canada: 855-725-0002

  • Spanish-speaking Mexico: 800-681-5340

If needed, a downloadable ethics report form can be mailed to:

Barbershop Harmony Society

℅ Ethics Committee Chair (please forward without opening)

110 7th Avenue N

Nashville, TN 37203

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