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In which decade did most of your members join?

Here are some really interesting numbers developed by Kevin Keller (Society judge and actuarial guru) from the Society database (and briefly discussed on the Harmonet):

Of our current Society membership, the following percent joined in the time frame listed:

40's 0.9%

50's 3.2%

60's 7.3%

70's 12.8%

80's 17.8%

90's 25.0%

2000+ 33.1%

Kevin went on to show:

3.2% of our members joined in the 1950's, 12.8% of our members joined in the 1970's, etc. Almost 60% have joined since 1990. A full 1/3 have joined since the turn of this century.

How can we use these statistical facts to our best advantage in the areas of repertoire song selection, recruiting, planning for fun, meeting programming?

Should we even care? (Yes is the right answer, but I thought I would offer the question).


Charlie Davenport