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New BHS Quartets | FAQs

FAQs for New BHS Quartets

When and where can I sign up my quartet?

Visit to register your quartet.

What are the rules for naming a quartet?

Registering any BHS quartet package includes name exclusivity. See Operational Guidelines for Quartets for naming guidelines.

What if I start out with the Basic Package and then decide to upgrade mid-year (for example, to compete)?

Yes, you may upgrade mid-year. Please contact to upgrade your package.

Can I get a refund if my quartet does not use all of the services?

Current quartets are able to upgrade their status and pay the difference in the middle of an annual subscription. However, BHS cannot refund a portion of your quartet dues if you decide to select a more limited quartet package in the middle of an annual subscription.

Are any of these services and benefits available a la carte?

None of these services will be available a la carte; however, we are exploring options for the future. If you are interested in a certain a la carte option, please email

Can I roll this into my membership EZDues? Can I pay monthly?

No. EZDues is only available for BHS individual membership dues. Quartet registration is not available for EZDues. Monthly payments are not offered at this time.

Can I be in more than one registered quartet?

Absolutely! Just register your quartet on

Once my quartet is registered can we change members?

Yes! The quartet admin (contact) can change quartet personnel in their quartet profile in Member Center. There is no fee to switch out members of your quartet.

What if one of my quartet members is not a member of the Society?

In order to register a quartet, each person must be an active member of the Society.

How do I sign up for contests?

Competition is only available for quartets at the Standard and Premium Packages. Competition entry is based on your quartet’s chosen District affiliation. Your quartet contact will receive information when your District’s contest entry windows are open.

One of the benefits we receive is access to a free chart and learning track. Yet, only a men’s and women’s arrangement / learning track is provided. Why not also a mixed voices version?

Often, mixed harmony groups can use the men’s arrangement as-written. If/when that doesn’t work, mixed harmony ensembles may transpose the men’s arrangement up to a key that works better for them—between a half-step and a third generally works best to satisfy most mixed harmony groups. With the launch of Everyone In Harmony, more arrangements and learning tracks are being produced specifically for mixed harmony groups. As they become more available, we’ll look to add that benefit to quartet packages.