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CHORUS - Ambassadors of Harmony 2016

Ambassadors of Harmony IN UNISON with community in Ferguson

The Ambassadors of Harmony and IN UNISON ensembles share the stage for an impactful version of Sam…

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Mixed Quartet Contest Begins with Surprise Ending

You can’t beat this for originality, surprise, and being a first. It was a well guarded secret that…

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Society mourns passing of Gene Cokeroft

The Barbershop Harmony Society celebrates the life and legacy of Gene Cokeroft, a genial giant of…

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Saturday July 9: "A Better World. Singing." Day

[ap_column_wrap][ap_column span="2"] [/ap_column][ap_column span="4"]   Music belongs to…

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Chorus Support for Breast Cancer

Every year in Rapid City, SD, the Stock Show and Pro Rodeo comes to town. Also, every year, in…

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Deke Sharon on Gold Medal Moments

Toby Shaver's awesome podcast welcomes Deke Sharon, often considered “the father of contemporary a…