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Pro Tip: Invite your community to free shows using Eventbrite!

Use the power of technology to reach your local community

Efforts to engage with your local community can be challenging, so don’t overlook the easy things you can do that offer a lot of bang for the buck.

There’s a ton of great reasons your chorus should be using Eventbrite (see our blog about it!), but possibly the most important reason is that it gives you an easy way to collect contact info and email addresses of your attendees. People that attend your shows are your biggest fans and supporters, so don’t let them come and then leave a show without being able to continue a conversation with them.

Even if your shows are free, list your event on Eventbrite and have attendees reserve general admission seats online. For free shows, there’s no cost to list your event on Eventbrite.

Gathering contact info and email addresses will allow you to stay in touch with your fans in order to:

  • Invite them to future shows
  • Spread the word about youth events
  • Ask them to ‘like’ your Facebook page
  • Share other ways your chorus gives back to your community, like Music Medics, performances at nursing homes and patriotic events, etc.
  • Invite them to visit your open rehearsals
  • Announce auditions and recruitment efforts to join your chorus

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