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Quorum triumphs in historic quartet contest

Quorum triumphs in historic quartet contest

Stunning overtones in intricate arrangements powered veteran quartet Quorum to victory in the 2022 International Quartet Contest presented by the Barbershop Harmony Society.

With the win, bass Gary Lewis became the first singer in the 85-year history of the Society to win gold in three different voice parts. He previously won as bari of Max Q (2007) and tenor of Platinum (2000).

Lead singer Chris Vaughn picked up his second gold medal, previously winning with Gotcha! in 2004.

Placing fourth, GQ wrote a new entry in the record books as the first women to win medals in the BHS championship contest, which this year became open to all people for the first time.

The five medalists were:

  1. Quorum 8462 pts / 94.0%
  2. Midtown 8309 pts/ 92.3%
  3. Throwback 8283 pts/ 92.0%
  4. GQ 7968 pts/ 88.5%
  5. First Take 7878 pts/ 87.5%

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Quorum • 2022 International Quartet Champion
First Take