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Voice Lessons for Your Singers?

I am writing an article (probably for the Harmonizer) about choruses that have some sort of private voice instruction (PVIs) included either in their weekly meeting or available for their members outside the meeting night.  I would appreciate any feedback you can offer about this topic.  Here are a few questions that may guide you:

  • Are you in favor of such a concept? Why or why not?
  • If your chapter has some program like this:
    • What does it look it?  (i.e. during meeting night? outside meeting night?  instructors from the chapter or outside the chapter? costs?)
    • Do the members enjoy it?
    • Have you noticed a difference in the overall performance level of the chorus as a result?
    • Would you recommend this to chapters that don't have such a program?
  • Anything else to add?

We are blessed in our chapter to have several gifted people who can teach others to improve vocally.  Each week at the chapter meetingthey work with 4-6 singers  for about 20 minutes each.   The guys appreciate it very much and  it is definitely one of the many "extra values" they receive for their chapter dues.