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Yes, you can get to Carnegie Hall (and yes, you will have to practice)

Historic Carnegie Hall is known worldwide as one of America’s most prestigious concert venues for both classical and popular music. This year, it will host two superb barbershop concerts in the span of less than a month.
Lest there be any confusion, both are supported and promoted by the Barbershop Harmony Society. Both offer opportunities for Barbershoppers to sing on the famous stage, and both would make excellent entertainment during a holiday excursion to New York City. See individual stories for full details, but in brief:
  • Barbershop Festival 2013 performs on Sunday, December 1, 2013.Participation in the chorus is open to singers of all ages, who will experience rehearsals and performance with Heart of America Chorus,Meredith Willson’s own River City Chorus, Crossroads Quartet, The Gas House Gang and Premium Blend. Details:
  • The No Borders Youth Chorus performs Sunday, December 26, 2013. Participation in the performing chorus will be open to all men ages 30 and younger. Director is Joe Cerutti; featured performers/clinicians are Lunch Break quartet. Details:
Two great shows — two “dream come true” performance opportunities for Barbershoppers.